The Substack stats don’t lie. You two--especially you--are reading my articles, and stealing ideas from them. That's exactly what people in Satan's government do. Read Jesus Was Caesar. Oh... those bastards hated him.

And you think I lost the fight in the article you read that I wrote called "Legends of the Light Knight: FAITH", where I also mentioned "Olympians". Just plain sowing of discord hidden in plain sight to confuse Brothers of the CTMU; that's why plagiarism is bad. But you don't fool ultra high-IQ retards like me. Heh, I'm smart enough to see right through it.

Cite your sources. Everyone makes mistakes. That's all you need to do. And "Olympians" is a song I was listening to that came on while writing, and it inspired me by the way it sounded, not the Council of 300, you...

And how dare you call Erin a liar and conveniently lie while calling her a liar in order to save your pathetic face. Sure, yea, women lie, but you lie more.

And I am not weak. You are. I could pass the universal torch of love to you to the end of your days, which will be very soon if you don't retract. It will all be in your own power to reverse, I will do nothing at all in terms of it. If not, I ask Satan to have his way with you quick, in order that you see the Light again, if you have indeed not actually seen it. Because I, unlike many fake CTMUers, have seen "the light that shines forever" (Langan).

It's White Light. Utterly amazing.

Just wanted to fill you in, and let you know that I still love you, but man... I know I am pretty awesome to copy from, but it's all God. And I admitted that to other CTMU pebble brains before too: "We're copycats [of Langan]." But no one tops God, not you, not me, not Chris Langan, not Gina, not Jesus, not your slimy X, Y, or Z, coordinates of some deep dark "cave" anyone lives in.

I stand by my words. If you want to argue, go right ahead and dig your own grave by self-simulating your own "death by public stoning". No one ____s with the CTMU and gets away with it, you Pharisee chump--of course, I do hope the best for you, and not at all sarcastically. I believe this will be a great lesson for you and anyone watching who is too pussy to--whatever, you catch my drift.

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Mr. Gregorios and Mr. Goloboy, but specifically you Greg,

Now I know how Langan feels: Judas’d by almost everyone. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about what God has in store for the dark trio that is lying, blasphemy, and plagiarism. Kindly go to hell and learn how to be better for God. You obviously don’t think I am worthy of anything.

The worst enemies of the CTMU are in its den. Fan boys galore. And you don’t even know your ass from your head, if you catch my drift.

I quit.

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You indeed write in an Olde English format which is quite unique!

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Dear Gregory, while your writings seem original at face value, I cannot help but notice a (perhaps coincidental?) blatant (and amazingly similar) style of writing, tone, context and a call to arms from other Substack authors whose posts have been published prior to yours. I know that it is easy to get a religious fervor and a “Call to Arms” similar to the “300” in the famous battle. I would be very careful when writing in such courageous “King Arthur/Camelot” tones as from what I have read from other fellow CTMU Substack writers, I am noticing a striking resemblance in both word choice and context. Even if innocently unintended when thought becomes real on pen/paper/computer/algorithms, one’s writings must not bear such a striking resemblance as it might appear as rewriting the topic in one’s own words is just enough where one’s ideas appear to be one’s own, and are not. I am a fervent believer in copywriting everything and thus protecting your work. Intellectual property is a very sacrosanct (and often contractual) validating process. I am simply an observer. I have, in the past, ideas (written or scripted out for tv) that have been unsuccessfully attempted to be used elsewhere, yet due to my Entertainment Attorney at the time and the Firm’s specialization in Intellectual Property Law, such frivolities were immediately tossed aside as the plagiarists had no legal recourse as my ideas were protected via IP laws.

You mean well, I am sure. Just remember that credit for such original ideas can simply be surmised by crediting the original source.

As to your ideas on the Jesuits, I have read about them, have studied their texts and have even observed them during my three-year stint in Italy (which I became fluent in after three months of just immersion). My eight years of academic study of French, along with my five years of teaching Classical Latin to my homeschooled children (they rounded out their high school years learning AP Mandarin with a private tutor while stationed in Oahu). Upon traveling in Italy, Rome in particular, I became aware of the TRUE Roman Catholic order, especially after reading “Catechism of the Catholic Church”. According to my studies, the Jesuits have an unusual oath that they must take, along with other oaths/rites which seemed quite non-Biblical to me. Just my opinion.

I shall leave you with a quote:

“Art is either plagiarism or revolution.” ~ Paul Gauguin

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