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“Your Creator Who has the power to raise You from the Dust”.

Yes, its on my right forearm, and is the motto of my hometown Lawrence, Kansas, “From Ashes to Immortality”.

I love you, brother. Turn it up.

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And you’re right about the free reads. I changed mine back to free, but commenters gotta pay now, and I make it easy with the lowest possible setting of $5/month. That’s currently less than two Whopper Jr’s here in Kansas.

Had a dream last night about my first lost lady love who came back to reunite with me, but I gently refused her after listening to her talk a lot about herself as she revealed her intentions. (In the terminal domain, she happened to marry a man who goes by my same first name. Go figure.)

After that, I was in my old “church building” (that I recently quit, because the pastor challenged me in a sermon recently in the terminal domain against the CTMU). But that part of the dream had black and white hanging male dress-up clothes, almost as if his funeral were about to take place, or something like that.

He’s a Black pastor, so his mind is somewhat in the clutches of B&W propaganda, but he is conservative if that says anything. May the Lord help him see and hear a bit more.

I feel like you and Tommy are ignoring me, and that’s fine, because it isn’t time yet anyway.

Godspeed, Gregorios.

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